BobaJam is specialist dessert cafe offering a range of popular South East Asian desserts and bubble teas that are rarely available in London. A pioneer in London' s bubble tea culture, BobaJam opened its first bubble tea and dessert shop in the heart of London's Leicester Square in 2011.

BobaJam's history is intimately tied to its founder Candy Leong. Combining an unconventional approach to creating sweet delicacies from the far east with the booming global cafe culture Candy has created an extraordinary dessert cafe brand.

Early in her career, Candy went through all the rigours of business ownership, experiencing some success and failure her persistence can only be attributed to her strength of character, ability and innate qualities. A self-taught keen baker, dessert making now defines her personal and professional entity.

Whether you are looking for a refreshing sensation or a quiet sweet moment, her beautiful range of desserts and bubble teas is sure to satisfy your cravings. From fluffy snow shaved ice to towering brick toasts, BobaJam is serving an experience you won't forget.

Coinciding with the opening of the Stoke Newington outlet, Candy will be launching her long awaited CandyL Mille Crepe. 20 layers of paper-thin crepes, each brushed lightly with cream and stacked to perfection, this uber indulgent cake with its silky filling, magical appearance, delightful texture and spectacular taste epitomises all that makes BobaJam the dream dessert cafe Candy aspired to create.